Mental impossibilities, visual illusions and mind-reading are combined with some hilarious antics and comedy. This is fantastic elegant magic presented with loads of comedy. This program will be a highlight for any event.


Plan a Magical Roast of the honoree! Just like the old “This is Your Life” show, Inspector Magic will present the show as a story of the Guest of Honor’s life. Any milestones will be detailed to the audience in a funny and magical way. As the Master of Ceremonies, Inspector Magic will make this event special for everyone, especially the Guest of Honor, who will never forget their special day.


To accomplish this magical feat, Inspector Magic will do some research weeks before the program. He will secretly gather information from friends and family. Then he will weave this information into the tale of their life. It is Hilarious, and many will learn some facts (and fiction) about the Honoree. Audience participation will include favorite friends and surprises.


To end the show, the Celebrated One will really shine as the star of the evening as THEY perform incredible magic (with Inspector Magic’s help).


A guaranteed standing ovation for the Guest of Honor and

a life-long memorable evening for everyone!


No two shows are alike, and suitable for an all-adult program, yet not too embarrassing for young family members present. Guaranteed fun for all!

Adult Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings and Reunions


Enjoy an evening of enchantment

with the personalized “This is Your Life” Magical Adventure.

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This event would not have been the success it was without the entertainment you provided.


El Pomar Foundation



You really entertained all of our employees and their children – thanks for a job well done!


Vitesse Semicondutor Corporation


Thank you so much for the great comedy show. Everyone loved it and are still talking about it.


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