Learn how to entertain with magic and Inspector Magic

Children, ages 5 to 12, will learn many magic tricks and how to entertain with them. They will gain confidence and improve their self-esteem with Inspector Magic's expert instructions. Immediately after the class, to squeals of delight, the children will be able to amaze their friends and family!


The Magic Class will induct the students into the secrets of the magical arts. The children will learn how to make objects appear and vanish, how to pass solid objects through one another, how to perform mind reading, how to defy the laws of gravity, and how to endue inanimate objects with life.


Not only will they learn fun magic tricks, they will also see some astounding magic performed by an award winning magician. It's a magic class and magic show all in one! Inspector Magic provides all the materials and magical props for each child and may even teach them all how to make their own balloon puppy.





All equipment, props, and materials for the tricks.


Working knowledge to perform immediately after the class.


At least (6) tricks are taught at each


∑ 1 hour class and at least (10) additional tricks for "homework"


A lot of fun and surprises! Inspector Magic has been teaching these classes to visitors of the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch Camp in Granby, Colorado for the past 5 years. Since 2006, Inspector Magic has produced the annual ďRocky Mountain Family Magic CampĒ the first weekend in May at the YMCA Camp. Families pay one low price for lodging, meals, and a full weekend of in depth magic learning and fun. Contact Inspector Magic for details.


Series of classes available for After-School Enrichment Programs

The children really enjoyed the show, and it was such fun to see the kidsí looks of wonder as you performed your magic.


Inspector Magic did a great job entertaining a fourth grade class at The daVinci Academy. Even though it was the last hour of school before break, the students were spell bound. Although the show was supposed to be for one class, more and more children kept cramming in to see the show and the excitement. Inspector Magic expanded his show to include two extra classrooms very smoothly and professionally, and no child felt excluded.


Workshops and Magic Classes

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