The Magic Secret Garden

Have you heard the "buzz" about what is growing in your library? There is a "hive" of activity with magical entertainer "Inspector Magic" as we learn that books give you wings. See "Bugs" Bunny and Puff the Magic "Dragonfly." Beware of hungry caterpillars, grouchy ladybugs and bad puns! Is a centipede a metric inchworm? You were warned! Entertainment, magic and "ant-tics" for all ages at your library!


Catch the reading bug!

The Magic Safari of Books

More fun than a barrel of monkeys when you monkey around with Inspector Magic at the library. This family magic show is filled with interactive storytelling, magic, puppetry and ventriloquism. Children will help magician Inspector Magic search for the Hollywood movie star, King Kong, the world’s largest gorilla. They will have great fun while they learn about the Dewey Decimal Classification System and that the library is the best place to find information. 


King Kong is found, and the children willingly make a promise to him to read 5 books over the weekend! One lucky audience member gets to release the Ooey Gooey Flying Bookworms. Great for all ages!

Dragons Dreams and Daring Reads Medieval Show

Join Inspector Magic on a medieval quest. Looking like a baron of yore, Inspector Magic introduces the audience to a Dragon with magical puppetry and ventriloquism. Then it is over a rainbow to rescue Princess Rapunzel. But something is afoul, as the knave, Baxter Bunny is trying to take over the show. Books and reading wins out, but Baxter Bunny makes an appearance in the end, and even performs an amazing magic trick. One brave knight from the audience will be required to pass a daring deed, and the library’s magic will give us all a happy ending.


The books that will be part of Inspector Magic’s program include:

Rupunzel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons, Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes, and the Bravest of the Brave.


Children of all ages will learn that books are filled with their dreams that can come to life like magic.

Oh, the Magical Places to Go! a magical tribute to Dr. Seuss

This program will take children on a journey around the world in search of Inspector Magic’s vacationing bunny. They will learn that reading is fun while they learn geographical information about our Seven Continents. The program will let children discover the diversity of the planet with a focus on respect and tolerance of others through the morals and examples presented in many of Dr. Seuss’s’ books. The program features many children’s favorite beginner books that come to life with magic, juggling and music.


The books that will be part of Inspector Magic’s program include:

The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, The Sneetches and Other Stories, Horton Hears a Who, Gertrude McFuzz, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and Happy Birthday to You!

Frankly Fun - a spooky and silly adventure into scary books

Inspector Magic, disguised as a mad scientist, starts the journey in Transylvania with all of the favorite monsters. “Fear Ink” is the motto as the audience learns that the written word found within books can create strong emotions to the reader. Although it is only ink, it can cause suspense and fear. “Fear Ink” also happens to be an anagram surprise that is revealed to be “Frankie.” The book, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly is discussed, and one child will transform into Igor on a search for Frankenstein’s monster’s brain. Another volunteer safely has his arm removed and stitched back on, just like the monster! In the end, we find the missing brain which transforms into a live rabbit - a hare-brained idea for sure!


This adventure involves the entire audience, and even the little ones under 5 will have a blast, as it is not too spooky—just silly. Older children will love it because of the magic and costumes they get to wear, and it is a favorite of adults because of the jokes and puns. In addition, the audience will learn how to have a safe Halloween.

Character Clues at the Library

Children of all ages learn, through magical story-telling, clowning, and puppetry, to get a clue at the library! They will learn the special character clues that will show them to be responsible, trustworthy, respectful and good citizens at the library.


Children will learn the history of public libraries and they will learn the proper care of library books and good conduct while at the library. These character traits, although specific for the library, are traits they can use in all aspects of their lives to help them succeed!

Books Give You Wings

A literacy program that proves “Reading is Magic.” The goal of the program is to aid you in your efforts to motivate your children by promoting the fun of recreational reading and the use of the library.


The books that will be part of Inspector Magic’s program include:

The Secret Garden, The Toothpaste Millionaire, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible Very Bad Not so Good Day, The Grouchy Ladybug, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and The Velveteen Rabbit.


A list of these books will be provided before the show to motivate the children to read and do their homework. If they can answer questions asked during the show about the books, they will help with the magic and be a volunteer!

Other Literacy Programs include:

MadHatter’s TeaParty  -  Alice in Wonderland

Ignorance is defeated by reading.


Willy Wonka’s Candy Show  -  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Listening and following instructions to have fun!


Aladdin’s Magic Flying Carpet Ride  -  1,001 Arabian Nights

Patience is needed to find a diamond in the rough and to succeed.


Pirate Treasure Hunt  -  Treasure Island

Keep looking in the library, you never know what treasure you’ll find.

It was obvious that everyone was enjoying the show immensely.  Mark's humor is funny, gently done, and appropriate for families.  There is a lot of audience involvement which keeps even the youngest members enthralled.  Obviously, I highly recommend Mark's shows to anyone looking for some good family fun.

Thank you for incorporating our summer theme into your presentation.  The children are still talking about the magic that they experienced and many parents have expressed their pleasure with the program.  Thanks again for doing such a tremendous job!

Thank you so much for having Inspector Magic perform at the Library.

 My kids LOVED him. It was so wonderful to have this library event to help foster a love of books and reading.

It has been our pleasure at the Pikes Peak Library District to have Mark Weidhaas, Inspector Magic provide many performances including: Summer Reading Programs, the Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration events and special programs such as Dr. Seuss. Mark is highly professional and totally engages the children while weaving entertainment and educational elements. In our programs, he deals seamlessly with a broad spectrum of ages. In almost every program for us he includes a reading connection and other educational ties when appropriate. I highly recommend him to schools and libraries.


It was great!  All the children and parents really enjoyed themselves.  Next time I go to a meeting of children's librarians I plan to spread the word about how wonderful your program is!  You will definitely be on my "let's have him back again" list.


We received rave reviews.  You were so much fun, even the little guys thought you were marvelous.  Thanks for helping to make my summer program a great success.

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We were thrilled with your show and your commitment to children. We truly appreciate your support for literacy.

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Attack of the Bookworms

A fun program anytime and for any age. THE Bookworms are attacking, and the only way to stop them is to read.


Join Inspector Magic on this adventure filled with silly snakes and bugs. Someone will be brave and eat a bug! Will it be you?