Your children deserve the best!


Your children deserve the best education available within the limited time they are at school. Therefore, it is paramount that school assembly programs provide valuable educational enrichment that supports and enhances your curriculum.


Inspector Magic’s assembly programs are developed to inspire, motivate and educate your children, while staying focused on your curriculum.


This effective use of your Assembly time offers a change of pace in teaching, and excites and stimulates the students through motivational storytelling and audience participation. Inspector Magic utilizes creative visual allegories to demonstrate parables and ideas in a fun way that will be grasped and retained by the children.


Inspector Magic provides you the best available talent proven by his involvement in Performing Arts for Youth Organization (PAYO) and Colorado Performing Artists (COPA), both (501(c)3) non-profit organizations.  His professionalism shines through his visually appealing set designs that include his curtain backdrops, tables, stage lighting, and sound. He uses Phonic Ear assistive listening sound system which can easily be adapted for the hearing impaired. After-show educational classroom discussion guides are provided for every show.


Don’t waste your children’s time; contact Inspector Magic now.


Educational Enrichment Adventures


Survivor Bully Proof   Top Secret Character Building   Oh, the Magical Places to Go!  

MAGIC: Impossible   Lobster Tales Recycel   Run-Away Imagination

Stranger/Playground Safety   Literacy Magic  

A Note to Educators

SURVIVOR Anti-Bully Program



Communities have to Stand Strong to Eliminate Bullying. Help make Bullying DISAPPEAR with a caring school community and Inspector Magic’s SURVIVOR Assembly Program.


The SURVIVOR School Assembly Program is full of fast-paced magic, music, drama, comedy, and audience involvement. Throughout the show, messages about Courage, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Community, Diversity Acceptance, and Teacher Appreciation are discussed and demonstrated through the magical entertainment.


The audience is invited to play the Survivor Reality Game, and they quickly learn that competing tribes can’t win against bully behavior, but ONE community working together can. Students will learn how to select POSITIVE good friends. They will become Empowered, Survivors, and Winners; and bullies will be revealed as the “Weakest Link.”



Curriculum tie-in: Guidance, character building, conflict resolution, anti-bully, anti-gang


PTA Evening Family Shows


The programs above can be successful evening family shows

Or, for a fun evening for all ages, try MAGIC: IMPOSSIBLE


Inspector Magic’s MAGIC: IMPOSSIBLE is an adventure for all! This fun program will transform children and adults of all ages into the secret world of the Secret Agent. Inspector Magic will provide magical comedy that might be seen on “Get Smart,” “Pink Panther,” or “Inspector Gadget.” Everyone in the audience will be involved as Sleuths and Spies to help solve the mystery of Secret Agent double “O” Bunny.




Top Secret Character Building Program

Students will learn to “focus on their actions,” because actions show character.


This Motivational program focuses on six positive character traits and clearly demonstrates each:

· Respect                   · Responsibility

· Trustworthiness               · Fairness

· Caring                · Good Citizenship


These character traits can be difficult for young children to grasp, but Inspector Magic makes it easy, fun and memorable. This motivational magical adventure is filled with fast-paced magic, music, drama, comedy, storytelling, puppetry, and audience involvement. The audience is entertained and mesmerized while these strong educational messages are demonstrated and clearly taught. The program promotes positive attitudes, self-esteem, diversity, respect, tolerance of others, and a caring community.


For the finale of this program, Inspector Magic shows how these character traits were so important in the formalization of the U.S. Government.  We the People, the U.S Constitution, and presidential elections are explained, and a picture of Abraham Lincoln come to life as he explains how he became the President. This is a good program for Cub Scouts’ Blue and Gold events. Focus on Character because character counts!


Curriculum tie-in:

Guidance, character building, conflict resolution, anti-bully, anti-gang, government, social studies, U.S. history, place and environment, self-esteem, diversity + tolerance.

Oh, the Magical Places to Go! Magic show tribute to Dr. Seuss

Students learn the Diversity of Geography and tolerance of others


This program will take children on a journey around the world in search of Inspector Magic’s vacationing bunny. They will learn that reading is fun while they learn geographical information about our Seven Continents. The program will let children discover the diversity of the planet with a focus on respect and tolerance of others through the morals and examples presented in many of Dr. Seuss’ books.


The program features many children’s favorite beginner books that come to life with magic, puppetry, juggling and music.


Children learn about our diverse world

and that a person is a person, no matter how small!

Curriculum tie-in:

Geography, biography, literacy, acceptance of differences, self-esteem, character building, social studies, place and environment, positive attitudes.

Lobster Tales! Magical Stories to Encourage Good Stewardship

Natural Science Environmental Program - Pollution control and reduction

award winning program from the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program


The Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program helped sponsor the development of this program of magic, storytelling and puppetry that helps instruct the audience about our natural resources. The fun and entertaining program is exciting and captivates the children's attention while educating, informing, and motivating them to make proper choices with regard to protecting our natural resources and pollution control and reduction.


Although this program provides general information about waste reduction and recycling, water conservation and natural resource preservation, the program can be tailored to be more specific with your criteria.


As an example, the Starsmore Discovery Center (a nature conservatory in Colorado Springs) has an annual hummingbird festival to welcome the return of these lovable creatures. Inspector Magic has performed there for the past 12 years and developed an educational show all about Hummingbirds. This show cleverly teaches the different types of “hummers” in our area, nesting information, and even Native American lore.


Curriculum tie-in: Natural Sciences, Conservation, Ecology, Biology

Imagine the Possibilities

A Self-Esteem Program will motivate students to believe in themselves

and have the confidence to succeed at any endeavor they choose!


The program promotes self-esteem and generates positive attitudes and goal setting. Children learn that, with a little work, they can make their dreams come true.


"Knowledge is Power," says Sir Francis Bacon; but "Imagination is More Important than Knowledge," says Albert Einstein. The children will learn what these famous men said and meant and why imagination is so important to make their dreams come true.


Inspector Magic will share his life-long dream of becoming a magician. Harry Houdini, President of the Society of American Magicians 95 years ago, appears and with the students help, Inspector Magic’s dream becomes a reality - in 2010 Inspector Magic was the President of that same organization of over 6,000 magicians.


Curriculum tie-in:

Self-esteem, goal setting, character building, positive attitudes, career guidance.

Stranger / Playground Safety Program

Prevent injuries and violence among children by increasing awareness


Inspector Magic was a Captain with a volunteer fire department. He has taken his knowledge and developed this program to protect our young. This was the first show he developed to teach children about safety on the playground, around strangers, bike riding and fire safety. This show has been highly recommended by professional police and fire officials.


Another program popular in October is Magic Tricks for Safe Treats. This highly acclaimed show has been presented at hundreds of area daycares, schools, and community centers in the past. Children will learn about Halloween safety and the right, safe way to trick-or-treat

Literacy and Reading Programs

All of the literacy programs described on Inspector Magic’s

 library webpage would be perfect for any size assembly!

Thank you so much for all that you do. You make Kidsfest a great children's event!

Teller County

Early Childhood


Thank you for a terrific show. The students and teachers were raving about you. You are certainly a talented performer and gifted with children.


Thank you so much for visiting our school! Our students and parents really enjoyed the magic show. We are looking forward to your visit again later this year.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us today. You are truly gifted! Our children will be talking about your show all day. We will have you back.


Thank you for Wednesday’s Bullyproofing program. The student response was very positive and the staff and parents who attended thought the information was extremely valuable. Thanks Again.

Dean Of Students, Littleton CO


We wish that you could come again!  Can you come and

do some more magic?

We loved the Show!

Kindergarten Class

Inspector Magic makes the world of magic come alive for children of all ages.

© 2012 - Inspector Magic Adventures

Magician l Illusionist l Entertainer l Motivational Speaker l Mentalist l Comedian


The students are still talking about Inspector Magic. They want him to return. Mark did such a fine job and the whole school is so appreciative. It is not often that you find such student involvement in a performance. It was wonderful to watch the children’s interest and to observe how cleverly Mark was able to accomplish this. We are happy to know that Inspector Magic is out there offering these programs for our children.

Principal + School Psychologist, School District 11

Your show got rave reviews from students and parents!  One boy insisted that his mother take him right to the library to get a magic book.  Another mom told me that her kindergarten daughter rarely gets excited about anything but she could barely wait to get off the bus to tell her about the magic show.

Inspector Magic turns

Education into



The Children gasped. It was magic! But it was also educational, teaching the children about the environment and natural resources. This mixture of magic and consciousness-raising makes Inspector Magic a popular magician with schools and libraries. But Inspector Magic’s style has also earned him the honor among his peers and the respect of educators.


Cape Cod Times,

 regarding the

It’s Magic, Naturally! Show.

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