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Treasure Hunt Magic Adventure    Princess Party with Aladdin’s Flying Carpet    Harry Potter Wizard Adventure and magic class    Animal Safari Adventure    Super Hero Magic Adventure    Wild West Magic Adventure    Cars and NASCAR Magic Adventure    Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Magic Adventure    Creepy Crawly Bugs Magic Adventure    Star Wars Magic Adventure    Spooky Monster Magic Adventure

I had the coolest birthday ever! Those magic tricks were the best! Your bunny is so sweet!

 Love, Morgan


Thank you so much for giving Morgan the best 10th Birthday

any girl could

ever ask for!

You are awesome.

I just wanted to thank you for your performance at Claire’s party; you were very entertaining! The kids looked like they were having a BLAST and many parents commented how good you were as well. You have a great combination of humor and magic that worked great for even the younger children.

Thank you for making my 6th Birthday Magical and memorable. My friends had a great time and so did I. My parents were impressed too.

Love, Matt

A Note to moms and dads:

Prepare to be amazed! Inspector Magic’s worry-free Birthday Party Adventures


Inspector Magic knows birthdays, and can make yours a memorable success! Whether celebrating a 1 year old or a sweet 16, or anything in between, his silly and magical Birthday Parties are a hit. His fantastic one-hour birthday packages include a special magic show highlighting your child as the star.


Each show has a special party theme to fit with your theme. It is not just a magic show; it is a theatrical experience with a storyline, just like at the movies. Inspector Magic begins with some fast paced magic performed with comedy, letting the children see that they are watching a talented magician and that they are going to have a blast.


Then, the real fun begins, as your child participates in the show dressed as a real magician with a top hat and magic wand. With the help of some of their friends acting as their assistants, and some silly antics, the magic really happens. The show is almost over when your child is included in a special illusion. Inspector Magic might make your child float in the air or maybe cut them in two! Don’t worry, it is all in fun and he promises to restore them as good as new. Then, your child closes the show when they make Inspector Magic’s live bunny appear! Wowsers!


Following the show, Inspector Magic creates festive balloon party hats for all the children, with a special balloon birthday crown for your child. All you have to do is serve the cake and watch your child open their presents and you have a wonderful, life-long favorite Magic Birthday Party your family will never forget!


As you can see, the Inspector Magic show makes your child’s special day even more special, and all their friends will have a wonderful time. The show is guaranteed to enthrall and captivate all the children's attention. You will be more than satisfied with this award-winning, highly acclaimed magical entertainment - guaranteed, or the show is free!


Worry-free entertainment.


SILVER PACKAGEThe 45 minute show as above, except without the balloons. Save $20


GOLD PACKAGE:  The one hour show and balloons as above. Serve cake and open presents, and your two hour party is complete.


Please call or email NOW for affordable rates and to confirm a party date and time:

Colorado Springs: 719-637-9965

Denver: 303-586-1960

Toll Free: 877-85magic (877-856-2442)


PLATINUM PACKAGE:  For those who like to sit back and relax! Inspector Magic is there at the very beginning to help greet the guests and lead them in a game and craft. Showtime is 30 minutes later with balloon hats and crowns for everyone. Inspector Magic will even help serve the cake and sing happy Birthday. All you have to do is help open presents and bid farewell to your guests. Inspector Magic even brings a special magic set, hat and wand for your child to keep (a $20 value). Add $95.


Magic Party Bags: The BEST magical party bags for all the party guests. These large “Goodie Bags” include more than a dozen magic tricks, games, puzzles and toys that all the children will love. $4 each


“I wanted to let you know how much the kids enjoyed the goody bags. I really mean it—usually, the bags are filled with candy and junky toys that are soon cast aside. We had a few kids stay later and they had such a blast playing with everything, especially the popping ice cream cone (yeah, I do want to thank you for including that as I was usually their victim of choice!) and the coin trick. Sean was still working the coin trick right up until we turned out the lights at bedtime."

Wonderful show!

 I'll be happy to be a reference for you,

tell them to call me!

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the fantastic show that you gave my grandson yesterday. I really appreciate the fact that you tailored the show to our Harry Potter theme. The kids loved it and so did the adults!

You did a great job. 

Everyone Loved you.

All the Parents thought you were awesome, too!

You were just wonderful at the Barmitzvah at

Briarhurst Manor Inn, and thank you so much.

You did such a good job.

It was just right.

© 2012 - Inspector Magic Adventures

Treasure Hunt Magic Adventure

Ahoy! Shiver me timbers, matey. Thar be pirate booty, but not fer landlubbers, Arrr!


One of the most popular magic adventures, the Pirate Treasure Hunt is the best party choice for boys or girls of any age. After some silly yet amazing magic, everyone will go on a treasure hunt while sitting in your living room to find the pirate’s gold. For the younger birthday child, a pirate’s parrot, on Inspector Magic’s shoulder, sings “Happy Birthday,” but the bird gets it mixed-up and thinks the party is for him as he sings “Happy Bird-day.” Then, a real treasure chest is opened, but only has a clue telling the children where the treasure is. These clues lead to some real fun magic, each clue tying the entire show together into a theatrical presentation. A small pirate flag becomes huge and the birthday child helps make another flag by magic, with the help of some of their friends and an Oakland Raider Football player!


If the birthday child is 7 years or older, another clue leads to the special illusion where the birthday child is keelhauled and cut in 2 (done very safely, but with loads of comedy). Finally, another clue leads us to Houdini the live bunny and the real treasure – coin doubloons and balloons for all the children.


This show has plenty of comedy suitable for all ages, and Inspector Magic often gets compliments from the parents, telling him that they enjoyed the show as much as the children.

Princess Party with Aladdin’s Flying Carpet

Where memorable parties live happily ever after!


The princess party is a great choice for a girls party of any age. Join Inspector Magic on a medieval quest. Looking like a baron of yore, Inspector Magic introduces the audience to a Dragon using magical puppetry and ventriloquism. Then it is over a rainbow to rescue Princess Rapunzel. But something is afoul, as the knave, Baxter Bunny is trying to take over the show. The birthday girl and her friends get to play dress-up as they portray their favorite princess, Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine or Princess Peach.  Your daughter gets to dress up as a real magician and two of her friends will be her assistants as they make a magical transformation.


The best part of the show is the ending, when your daughter, dressed as Princess Jasmine, actually floats in the air on a magic carpet. She will also make Baxter, the live magic bunny, appear. While she is holding the rabbit and floating in mid-air, all her friends will get to pet Baxter. WOWsers! Talk about your happy endings!

Harry Potter Wizard Adventure and magic workshop

A magical adventure to Hogwarts! Muggles need not apply.


Inspector Magic has a great wizard show, perfect for a Harry Potter fan 7 or older. After some amazing magic by Professor Inspector Magic, a magical test is given to see if there are any non-magic folk in the audience. Everyone passes, and they are off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to try the sorting hat. First class is wingardium leviosa and a visit from Hedwig and its time for a game of quiditch. Your child will dress up as Harry Potter and perform some amazing tricks with the Nimbus 2000 flying broomstick.


The real magic begins, as Inspector Magic teaches the students two great magic tricks they will be able to master quickly and amaze their friends! All materials are supplied. Finally, it is time for the Care of Magical Creatures class, as we observe a real dragon that magically changes into a live rabbit.


The show is fun for the muggles who do not know about the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Wild West Magical Adventure

Yee-Haw! Git along little doggie, we got us a magical shindig.


In the Wild West Magic Show, all the children get deputized to help catch the evil outlaw and villain, Black Bart, who is trying to scare Inspector Magic with spiders and snakes. A road-runner, on Inspector Magic’s shoulder, sings “Happy Birthday” to the birthday child, but the bird gets it mixed-up and thinks the party is for him as he sings “Happy Bird-day.” Then we begin to look for Black Bart at the corral and in the saloon as Inspector Magic demonstrates some quick draw magic with ropes, playing cards and sarsaparilla bottles.


But the posse gets hungry, so we mosey down to the chuck wagon for some vittles. We finally catch Black Bart, who ends up being Inspector Magic’s white rabbit, who steals the show! This program is perfect for children age 3 to 7.

Cars and NASCAR - Dinosaurs - Creepy Crawly Bugs - Spooky Monster


And there are MORE Magical Adventures:

Star Wars Space Adventure

May the magical force be with you!


The evil Darth Bunny is on a rampage, as the children learn the ways of the force. Quickly they learn as scarves float and ropes change shape. Your child will be dressed as Darth Vader, and helps make Darth Bunny appear. On a speeder, they think they will fly around the room at 180 mph.


At the end, Inspector Magic makes balloon space helmets for everyone. This program is perfect for all ages.

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